April 24, 2019 0

Listen to the Official Subbuteo song

By James Gordon

An official Subbuteo song has been launched in Italy It will be played at all promotions and events around Italy and is sang by Tino Simonetti, a 54-year-old singer from...

April 10, 2019 0

How one fan built this incredible atmospheric Subbuteo stadium

By Stephen Hurrell

At Subbuteo.Online we love a Subbuteo Stadium and there is now quite a collection on the archives on our site. However, we have never asked anybody for how they have...

March 16, 2019 0

The ‘best Subbuteo pitch in the world’ launched with two big new features

By Stephen Hurrell

A new Subbuteo pitch has been released and the makers say it is the best surface ever made for the flicking game. SubbuteoWorld, which hosts the UK Subbuteo Fair, has...

March 15, 2019 0

All of this Subbuteo is on sale in Italy this weekend and we are jealous

By Stephen Hurrell

If you are following Subbuteo.Online you will know by now that we are completely obsessed with Subbuteo Lab, a new shop in Certaldo, Italy selling huge collections of the game....

March 13, 2019 0

Is this the biggest rare Subbuteo collection in the world?

By Stephen Hurrell

Here at Subbuteo.Online we love seeing the Subbuteo collections of fans of the best table-top game in the world. Rarely do we see a collection as extensive as one shared...

March 12, 2019 0

A huge rare Subbuteo collection is up for sale on Twitter

By Stephen Hurrell

A Subbuteo collector is listing his entire collection for sale via social network Twitter and the vast collection has already created a frenzy of interest. A seller Tweeted this week...