Would you pay £1,000 for 19 Subbuteo teams?

Would you pay £1,000 for 19 Subbuteo teams?

July 31, 2018 Off By Stephen Hurrell

Old Subbuteo can be an expensive hobby for collectors. The older heavyweight Subbuteo sets, teams and accessories can often collect a premium if they are in good condition.

But one eBay listing could prove to be too much for most Subbuteo buyers.

A seller has listed 19 heavyweight Subbuteo teams for an eye-watering £1,025 – and it might not actually be a terrible deal. The set includes several original teams including Ref 01 – Manchester United listed at £40.

While that may be fairly expensive for even a good condition original side given they are not rare, some of the sets are noticeably more desirable. For example, A ref 26 Bangor is listed as being worth £150 and that is not far off the value of the rare set.

German side Eintracht Frankfurt is also available and the seller has priced it at £75 and Plymouth Argyle is listed at £60.

In the international sets, El Salvador at £80 seems close to the team’s actual value given the good condition the set is in, while Mexico is listed at £40.

Overall the job lot is being sold at a premium with a £1,025 price tag. Postage and packaging is free but buyers would probably baulk at getting just 19 teams – many of which are not rare – for the price of a second-hand car.

You can see the listing here.

The set includes:

Ref 01: Manchester United
Ref 03: West Brom, Huddersfield, Kilmarnock
Ref 04: Southampton, Sheffield United
Ref 05: Coventry, Manchester City
Ref 06: Wolves
Ref 07: West Ham, Aston Villa
Ref 08: Newcastle
Ref 17: Sheffield Wednesday
Ref 18: Spurs, Bolton
Ref 21: Leeds
Ref 26: Bangor
Ref 40: Crystal Palace
Ref 41: Liverpool
Ref 42: Chelsea
Ref 58: Inter Milan
Ref 76: Eintracht Frankfurt
Ref 78: Plymouth Argyle
Ref 155: El Salvador
Ref 157: Mexico