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Subbuteo ref 001 – Liverpool (LW)


The most common Subbuteo team in the world, the red and white reference 001 is used for a host of teams including Liverpool, Manchester United, Charlton, Crewe and more in the early days of the game.

Available as a generic team in many of the box sets of the 1980s and 1990s, the red and white team is worth around £2-£5 and is easy to find in any boot sale or on eBay.

The number of teams represented by 001 slowly dropped as more detailed kits arrived and despite it initially being used for Liverpool, an all red version soon replaced it.

Liverpool – 001
Country: England
Kit: Red shirt, white shorts, red socks, red base with white insert
Subbuteo LW reference: 001
Rarity: Extremely common
Price: £2-£5

Additional information

Shirt colour

Red, Red and white


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