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Subbuteo ref 337 – FC Rouen


French side FC Rouen only wore the striking red, green and blue shirt for a single season in the 1980s but Subbuteo saw fit to create a team just for them.

Now a French tier 5 side after a number of relegations, bankruptcies and mergers, the club wears a simple red and white kit and when approached by Subbuteo.Online confirmed the Subbuteo shirt will not be coming back.

That makes the team a rarity in Subbuteo and good examples can go for up to £50. Notable for the white bases used for many of the French sides in that era, the team has been spotted with bases in other colours too.

FC Rouen – 337
Country: French
Kit: Red shirt, single blue sleeve, single green sleeve. White shorts, red socks.
Subbuteo LW reference: 337 (home kit)
Rarity: Extremely rare.
Price: £30-£50.


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