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Subbuteo ref 007 – Gzira United (LW)


Gzira United are a Maltese team that play in claret and blue kit. They are the last remaining team to use the 007 colour scheme by the time lightweight Subbuteo came into production in 1980 and as a result were the only club to take the number.

The team is incredibly rare and sets can go for as much as £30 because of the rarity value.

Gzira United qualified for the Europa League for the first time in 2018, which indicates a revival for a club that last rose to the top of Maltese football way back in the 1970s.

Despite the kit looking a lot like Aston Villa or West Ham, it was not actually based on the English clubs. The club traditionally played in brown but changed the kit after their supplier could no longer supply the original.

For more on Gzira United read our article on what happened when we told the club about its very own Subbuteo team. 

Gzira United – 007
Country: Malta
Kit: Claret with light blue sleeves. White shorts. Claret and light blue socks.
Subbuteo LW reference: 007 (home kit)
Rarity: Extremely rare. Never been sold on eBay.
Price: Very difficult to say. A pristine version could sell for £30-£50.


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