Take a look at these beautiful Subbuteo team displays

There are many ways to display Subbuteo but have any ever looked as good as this?

Calum at Westwood Table Soccer is a Subbuteo artist specialising in 00-scale miniatures and, for the last few years, has been creating stunning club and international Subbuteo displays you can hang on your wall.

Last year he announced he was no longer doing the displays as a business – and it’s safe to say it was a major loss to the Subbuteo community because very few can match the quality of his hand-made collections.

However, he is back with a bang having recently tweeted: ” Producing the highest quality genuinely handpainted #subbuteo for 10 years. I want to make some frames for you guys this year. Get in touch with me westwood.ts@gmail.com.”

He has kindly shared some of his work with us and it has, quite frankly, blown us away.

The World Cup winners set featuring stunning kits from Germany and Brazil is one of just two ever made, while other limited editions include Leicester’s 5000-1 title winners complete with gold bases, and beautiful Fiorentina sets.

The displays are designed to be mounted on walls and feature hand-painted collections of historic kits for teams ranging from Watford to Hearts.

There are also individual players. The Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit has to be the best version we have seen.

For more information on the displays follow @Westwood_ts on Twitter.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrellhttps://subbuteo.online
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