The Hobby magazine posting update


I thought I would do a quick update as it’s been a week since many of you bought the magazine.

The magazine is now on the way to me from the printers. It was delayed by a couple of days and my next day delivery is actually going to take three days. That means it is arriving on Monday 1 March and I have confirmation from the delivery company of this.

It’s the usually minor delays and annoyances I expect from a first time producing and ordering a magazine, plus a global pandemic on top of it.

In the meantime I’m getting packaging, addresses and postage ready so that I can post them on the same day they arrive. It means you should get your hands on the magazine midweek next week.

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the slight delay.

Once this batch arrives I will reorder the magazine for a second run. That will go live on Monday evening.

Any questions please get in touch at

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