Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Live: The Subbuteo Cup 2020 quarter finals

Welcome back for another Saturday of flicking action.

The Subbuteo Cup 2020 is now in its third week and the original 64 teams have been whittled down to just eight. Players from around the world will now compete in the quarter finals and eight teams are looking to progress to the semi final stage.

If you’re new to this we entered 64 real life clubs into a Subbuteo knockout tournament. Matches were then played by Subbuteo enthusiasts across the world, from Australia and USA to England and Spain. Games are played solo or with householders and it is all a way to ease some boredom during lockdown and show some solidarity with the community.

It has grown into a thriving – and often hilarious – community of Subbuteo and football fans. We’ve had full videos, fun pictures and lots of discussion and you can get involved on our Facebook Group or on Whatsapp.

Athletic Bilbao vs Rangers
West Ham vs Club Independiente
Burnley vs Wycombe Wanderers
Sheffield Wednesday vs Aberdeen

Matches kick off at 3pm.


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