Why the Subbuteo League Cup trophy is the one everybody wants

The Carabao Cup kicks off this week after a farce of a first year under the sponsorship of the Thai drinks company.

A draw that failed to be streamed live and was subsequently held behind closed doors was just the beginning. The draws were held in the middle of the night in Asia – leaving many UK fans baffled.

The poor League Cup has been through the ringer. Gone are the glory days of multiple final replays and a genuine effort to life the trophy.

Now a strong of sponsors, from the Milk Cup to the Coca Cola Cup to the Capital One, along with Worthingtons and Littlewoods, have not helped the trophy become anything more than a nuisance to the game’s top teams.

Replays are gone and extra time has also been scrapped. It’s like nobody cares about one of three major honours available in the English game.

But there is one place the League Cup is still the most sought after trophy around.

Subbuteo launched the League Cup (ref C172) in 1980 in time for Liverpool’s dominant sides of the late 1970s to win their fourth title in a row.

However, the tournament soon ditched the trophy and Subbuteo dropped it in 1986 after single boxed and blister pack versions.

Remarkably, the League Cup is now the most sought-after trophy on the planet. The relatively short run of production and the fact only English fans were really interested in the competition means it has a rarity value.

The three-handled trophy was also a bit more fragile than most and a trophy in good condition can fetch a hefty price.

In fact, there are very trophies even listed on Subbuteo sites. Subbuteo World has one listed for a hefty £95, while eBay has a selection all at high prices.

A set of four trophies, including a League Cup with damaged handles, is currently listed for around £14 plus £4 delivery.

However, the search for an affordable League Cup in boots sales and antiques shops is an ongoing one for many Subbuteo collectors.
At least some people are desperate to get their hands on the old trophy.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrellhttps://subbuteo.online
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