A European Subbuteo stadium with old-school style

We love looking at Subbuteo stadiums that have been created all over the world and last week build in Greece caught our eye.

Yannis, an active Subbuteo player who has played in Portugal and his homeland in Greece, has created a beautifully detailed stadium using 1980s tan Subbuteo stands and a small terrace for away supporters. It also includes crowd control barriers – a difficult to find accessory in the modern day.

Those crash barriers have been modified to include sponsorship boards featuring some classic names such as Alfa Romeo. And, according to Yannis, the stadium is not just for show. We caught up with him to find out more about his Subbuteo history.

He says: “My name in English is Ioannis Kakavas, I come from Greece but my subbuteo friends call me Yannis. I am still an active player although I have not played any games since September 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am the president of the Greek club Athinaikos, but I have also played for three years at the Portuguese club GRD Tires in Lisbon, where I was working for some time.

“Apart from Greece and Portugal I have played Subbuteo in USA for six months at Connecticut with the local club players (I am a honorary member of the Connecticut club) and Rome Italy for another six months where I practiced together with good friends of CCT Roma and Black Rose Roma clubs.”

And what about that lovely little stadium?

“My Subbuteo stadium is made only by original 1980s Subbuteo products that I have been collecting since my childhood. It is not only for demonstration purposes but also I practice on it every day.

The away end
The stadium uses a classic Astropitch
Tan stands take up three sides
Old school hoardings
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