A huge rare Subbuteo collection is up for sale on Twitter

A Subbuteo collector is listing his entire collection for sale via social network Twitter and the vast collection has already created a frenzy of interest.

A seller Tweeted this week stating a collection of over 200 original heavyweight teams and thousands of individual players are now up for sale with many rare and valuable items available.

The seller says he will write out a list of the available collection but has already shown pictures of what looks like a vast number of teams, players, trophies and accessories.

All of the teams and players pictured look like heavyweight figures and rare teams spotted include Dutch side Feyenoord. The boxes all look in good condition and the seller has already had a number of offers and enquiries on the social platform.

The teams are being sold from a location in London, so buyers in the south of the country will have a better chance of snagging a bargain.

Heavyweight Subbuteo teams are usually the rarest and most expensive around. A rare team can fetch several hundreds of pounds on auction websites and are quickly snapped up by buyers when they come available.

It is rare that such a large collection is made available to buyers at once and while the entire collection may be unattainable for many buyers there may be a chance to pick up individual items.

We’ll update this article with a full list of available teams once we get it.

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