A massive Subbuteo set with over 100 teams is up for sale

A massive Subbuteo collection including over 100 teams, several stands and accessories and an astroturf pitch has been offered for sale at a big price.

The stunning collection of Subbuteo teams mostly focuses on the 1990s era with several Premier League teams and their second kits listed, as well as some rarer teams including Scunthorpe, Marseille, Monaco, Roma and Boca Juniors.

In total there are over 100 teams, a number of modern stands and classic grandstands, balls, goals, trophies, corner flags, a TV tower, an astropitch, three bags of painted fans and other accessories.

The vast collection is being sold by a Subbuteo collector in New York who wants to sell the entire collection for over £1,500.

He posted on the Subbuteo selling Facebook group and says: “I’m in New York USA. I will be listing my entire collection. This listing is for all my teams (100 teams 1 is not painted and some spares). I’m willing to sell the entire lot of the following teams if anyone is interested ($2000 USD/1550£/1758€ ).”

We contacted the seller and he sent more images of the incredible selection of 1990s Subbuteo.

We particularly like the selection of Aston Villa and Coventry sides, as well as the Adidas Tango balls and the fact there are enough stands to build an entire Subbuteo stadium complete with scoreboards and camera crews.

It is rare such a big Subbuteo set is available, especially when the images are so detailed. With some interest already on the Subbuteo selling group it won’t take long for many of the top items to be sold either as a complete set or individually.

Subbuteo job lots on eBay are not usually priced as low as this for so much Subbuteo, but as ever we recommend buying with care as buying without the protection eBay offers does come with the usual risks.

If you want to find out a bit more about where to buy Subbuteo in the UK click this link.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrellhttps://subbuteo.online
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