Euro 2024 stickers selling for £350 as prices skyrocket

Lucky sticker collectors are finding stickers worth up to £350 in packs of the Euro 2024 edition after a major shake up by the new supplier, Topps.

Topps controversially secured the rights to produce the Euro 2024 sticker album ahead of Panini for the first time and the 700-strong sticker album has received criticism because it does not include licenses for England, France, Germany and Spain and cannot include the team kits. It also has some bizarre squad selections including Leicester full-back Luke Thomas ahead of Kyle Walker in the England team.

However, the album does have one interesting new selling point – rare ‘parallel’ stickers that can fetch up to £350 from collectors.


Collectors who buy the stickers can find rare parallels in packs – these are different versions of standard stickers that have a different coloured border depending on the rarity of the sticker. Purple, green and blue are rare stickers but the rarest available come in a black or gold border.

There are just 24 of each black parallel in the world, making them incredibly collectible. The gold stickers are one of a kind and when matched to some of the world’s top players including Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo these one-off stickers can fetch huge sums on auction sites.

A Kevin De Bruyne black parallel sticker sold for £350 on eBay this month, while a fan found a one of a kind gold idol Arda Guler and shared the incredible find on Facebook. Brad, who discovered the card, has had offers over £350 after Guler shone at club level for Real Madrid towards the end of the season.

The sticker came from a Tesco multipack and has sparked excitement with collectors hoping to discover their own rare sticker in the run up to the Euros.

The most expensive green parallel sticker sold on eBay was Cristiano Ronaldo, who fetched £50, while other green parallels generally fetch between £5 and £30. Less rare purple stickers generally fetch a couple of pound although Ronaldo sold for £21 in recent auctions.

Harry Kane and Jamal Musiala blue parallels have proved popular with bidders with prices reaching up to £40. Less popular players will sell for smaller amounts but will cost more than the standard player stickers.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrell
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