Leaked Newcastle kit confirmed as Adidas hints at final prices

The new Adidas Newcastle kit has been leaked and it looks like a huge improvement over recent Castore designs.

The kit features a rounded collar with a single white stripe, three thick black stripes on the front of the shirt and, as expected, a larger Adidas logo without the word ‘Adidas’ featured. It also includes the traditional Newcastle crest, sponsor Sela and the famous three white Adidas stripes down the sleeve.

The kit will go on sale on here on 7 June and could be one of the best-selling Newcastle shirts of all time. The club’s fans famously boycotted the home shirt while unpopular owner Mike Ashley was in charge, instead choosing fan-made shirts so as not to spend money at Ashley’s budget sports retailer Sports Direct.


The kit has been largely praised by Newcastle fans who welcome the return to the 1990s-style Adidas design and the simple but attractive template used by Adidas for the latest ‘Elite’ team in its stable of clubs.

Last year one of Adidas’ other Elite sides, Manchester United, sold their home shirt for £80 for an adult shirt and £65 for child sizes. That rises to up to £110 for ‘authentic’ shirts that more closely mirror the shirts worn by the players themselves. Authentic shirts feature premium materials and extra design details but they often come with higher prices.

Adidas has followed the launch of last season’s kits with Euro 2024 kits for nations including Scotland and Germany. While the Scotland shirt is priced at £75 for adult sizes, the Germany kit is priced at £80 for the standard version. Long sleeve authentic shirts can rise to as much as £140.

It is likely Newcastle’s shirts will follow the pricing of Adidas’ other ‘Elite’ clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United. That means a starting price of £80 for the standard adult home shirt and £65 for children’s versions. These will be the prices if Adidas decide on a price freeze for its elite clubs for the 2024/25 season.

Newcastle have reportedly earned up to £40m per year with then new Adidas deal. It will replace the £5m per year deal the club had previously signed with Merseyside brand Castore.

Aston Villa will be the second Premier League club to ditch Castore for Adidas in 2024/25, although Everton are rumoured to be replacing Hummel with Castore for the new season.

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