Orders open for ultra-realistic Subbuteo retro pitch

If you have not heard of SA Bases yet you really should take a look at the website

The South African-based company recreates stunning Subbuteo football and cricket pitches with a huge range of designs, made to order and delivered all over the world.

The pitches have appeared in some of the best Subbuteo stadiums in the world and they have launched a new product that will be sure to retro football fans excited.

SA Bases has designed a new ‘retro’ pitch designed to look like an old-fashioned surface complete with worn patches, a real grass-like texture and even scuffed lines and markings. The pitch sits somewhere between the fully green standard Subbuteo pitch and the excellent muddy Table Football Monthly pitch and is available now to order for UK players.

Gary at SA Bases says: “A few people were interested in our New Retro pitch. Pitch price is £30 courier charges is £24. I would like to send to an address in the UK then post from there, so the more pitches I send the cheaper it will be.”

The company was seeking ten orders initially at the printers and the first batch has been sent, but Gary assures us further orders can be added if you contact them as soon as possible.

It is not the first time SA Bases has created eye-catching Subbuteo pitches. They have previously launched a snow-covered winter pitch, bespoke pitches for English Subbuteo Clubs and even the pitch for SubbuteoPassion.com’s incredible Villa Park build, which is currently raising money for a defibrilator charity by selling advertising hoardings, painted fans and sponsorship packages.

Unofficial Subbuteo pitches are all the rage these days after years of sub-standard official products. While the new official box set pitches are higher quality than before, homemade and unofficial pitches have leapt forward in quality and style, with beach, snow and mud options readily available in both cloth and astro-style.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrellhttps://subbuteo.online
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