Premier League drops Panini for stickers and cards in shock rival deal

The Premier League has dropped historic sticker maker Panini after signing a deal with collectables giant Fanatics Collectables.

Fanatics, which owns Panini rival Topps, will produce the Premier League stickers for the first time for the 2025/26 season after securing the license from the league itself, ending the deal with long-running partner Panini.

It means fans of Premier League stickers will need to buy the album and stickers from the Fanatics website and associated suppliers that would still include UK supermarkets.


The news could spell the end of Panini selling football stickers and cards in the UK as the number of licenses they hold is now extremely limited. There was controversy this year when Fanatics-owned Topps secured the rights to the Euro 2024 sticker set but the final product left a lot to be desired.

The Euro 2024 album created by Topps had a number of problems. From uninspiring design, the lack of accurate kits on unlicensed teams including England, to the inclusion of some bizarre player choices including uncapped Middlesborough defender Luke Thomas in the England squad. In our review of the Euro 2024 stickers, we recommended buying the Panini England International set instead thanks to beautiful sticker designs and official licenses for all four teams included in the album.

The news means next season’s Panini Premier League stickers will be the last by the brand before the move to Fanatics, which will likely bring new card sets out alongside the more traditional stickers. The company is also likely to introduce ‘parallel’ cards with rare colours as well as autograph cards from some of the league’s most popular players.

Premier League Chief Commercial Officer, Will Brass said: “We are delighted to welcome Fanatics as the official sticker and trading card licensee of the Premier League from season 2025/26. They bring an outstanding track record and strong commitment to innovation, helping fans all over the world express their passion for the sports they love. Through this partnership, we will be able to create a truly memorable collectible experience for all.”

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the Premier League in this historic deal that we believe will put fans and collectors closer to the teams and players that they love,” said David Leiner, president of Fanatics Collectibles.  “At Fanatics Collectibles, we know and love the game, and look forward to building an element of unique storytelling through the lens of collecting.” 

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrell
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