The best UK full size foosball tables to buy in 2024

Table football is one of the most popular table-based games in the world. You will see tables in pubs and bars, family-friendly entertainment venues and in people’s homes.

Easy to pick up and play and difficult to master, table football has been around since the 1890s and has a huge following not just here in the UK for abroad too, from Germany and across Europe to Australia and the US.

If you want to play foosball, or table football, at home then the first step is to choose a table to buy. You will have to consider cost, quality and the amount of space before taking the plunge and to get you started we have rounded up some of the best table football options you can buy in the UK.

The best foosball table in the UK

You do not have to take my word for it. The best foosball table in the UK is the Roberto Sport Resolution table. That is the choice of the British Foosball Association (BFA), who say the £1,059.99 table is the: “Official Table of the International Table Soccer Federation. It’s an excellent high specification table, engineered for all styles of play whether ITSF-style ‘official rules’ play, Italian style al volo, or UK style two ball rollerball (2BRB).”

However, that price tag may put you off. There is an entry-level training table at £759.99 which the federation says is an excellent standard spec choice.

If that is out of your budget read on for the best cheaper foosball tables in the UK for 2024.

The best-selling foosball table in the UK on Amazon

A cheaper option can be found on online shopping giant Amazon. The site’s top-selling full size foosball table is the VIAVITO FT500 Football Table. a hefty solid wood table that can handle whatever family life – or lively foosball parties – can handle.

It features black and grey players in European 1-2-5-3 formations and the pitch is 9mm MDF playing field with black PVC and an extra thick coating for faster play. It’s a stunning table priced at £499 but Amazon has it listed for £299, making it one of the better value options on the market.

The table also comes with leg levellers to make sure you have a flat and stable playing surface. This is a good option for a permanent foosball table for a home bar or games room.

The VIAVITO FT500 foosball table

The best cheap foosball table in the UK in 2024

Argos’ Hy-Pro Folding Football Table is priced at just £100. It’s obviously not going to deliver the quality of higher priced tables but it looks and plays well and is foldable for easy storage. This is the perfect beginner table for a family and comes with easy grip handles and an easy ball return system.

The table is cheap, good-looking and is incredibly fun to play. The only downside is that you have to assemble it yourself and it can be a little fiddly.

You can buy the Argos table here.

Hy-Pro Folding Football Table
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