Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Watch four minutes of amazing Subbuteo trick shots

Subbuteo players around the world are filming trick shots while spending time in self isolation.

As the coronavirus has forced much of the world indoors, fans of the table top football game are passing the time by sharing spectacular trick shots using Subbuteo players, toilet roles and even a pet dog.

The shots have been put together in a four minute video and you can see the stunts below:

The videos are designed to ease the boredom in countries such as Italy, which is Subbuteo mad but has been on lockdown for several weeks.

If you’re wondering how the players are chipping the ball so easily they are using modern table football players from the likes of Astrobase and Zeugo. These use flatter bases that allow the ball to be chipped and provide more accuracy on long range flicks.


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