Would you pay £1,000 for 19 Subbuteo teams?

Old Subbuteo can be an expensive hobby for collectors. The older heavyweight Subbuteo sets, teams and accessories can often collect a premium if they are in good condition.

But one eBay listing could prove to be too much for most Subbuteo buyers.

A seller has listed 19 heavyweight Subbuteo teams for an eye-watering £1,025 – and it might not actually be a terrible deal. The set includes several original teams including Ref 01 – Manchester United listed at £40.

While that may be fairly expensive for even a good condition original side given they are not rare, some of the sets are noticeably more desirable. For example, A ref 26 Bangor is listed as being worth £150 and that is not far off the value of the rare set.

German side Eintracht Frankfurt is also available and the seller has priced it at £75 and Plymouth Argyle is listed at £60.

In the international sets, El Salvador at £80 seems close to the team’s actual value given the good condition the set is in, while Mexico is listed at £40.

Overall the job lot is being sold at a premium with a £1,025 price tag. Postage and packaging is free but buyers would probably baulk at getting just 19 teams – many of which are not rare – for the price of a second-hand car.

You can see the listing here.

The set includes:

Ref 01: Manchester United
Ref 03: West Brom, Huddersfield, Kilmarnock
Ref 04: Southampton, Sheffield United
Ref 05: Coventry, Manchester City
Ref 06: Wolves
Ref 07: West Ham, Aston Villa
Ref 08: Newcastle
Ref 17: Sheffield Wednesday
Ref 18: Spurs, Bolton
Ref 21: Leeds
Ref 26: Bangor
Ref 40: Crystal Palace
Ref 41: Liverpool
Ref 42: Chelsea
Ref 58: Inter Milan
Ref 76: Eintracht Frankfurt
Ref 78: Plymouth Argyle
Ref 155: El Salvador
Ref 157: Mexico

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrellhttps://subbuteo.online
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