A Subbuteo Munich set was the star of British daytime TV – and one man got ripped off

A rare Subbuteo set was the star of daytime TV in the UK but one owner was ripped off after selling it for a ridiculously low price.

Dickinson’s Real Deal, a show where the public bring in items they wish to sell at auction to the table, saw one man bring a Munich World Series Edition 1973 Subbuteo box set alongside a handful of teams and accessories.

Lewis wanted £350-£400 for the set, which he found in his Uncle’s bedroom.

The Munich set, designed to coincide with the Subbuteo World Cup in 1974, also comes with a Santos heavyweight team in their green kit – one which the Brazilian club never actually wore but was used for the Subbuteo team.

A complete Subbuteo cricket box set and more teams and accessories were also included in the package.

The antiques expert offered Lewis £150 initially but it was rejected.

However, an offer of £250 was accepted for the lot.

The deal represents a bargain for the dealer. The set alone is worth between £250 and £450 depending on condition while the team and other items should add a few hundred pounds to that price.

The expert took the Subbuteo to auction and raised £550 in what is the bargain of the century.

Stephen Hurrell
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