Calls to change how Subbuteo is run in England

The English Subbuteo Association is calling for help to support it organise and run Subbuteo in England.

In a passionate plea on the association’s official Facebook page, chairman Dave Pawsey expressed concerns over the ESA and asks for as many clubs as possible to contact him by Friday September 14 to help and support him to grow Subbuteo.

The post said: “In my lifetime of playing Subbuteo, the ESA has not been in such a bad position as it currently is. I want to make some changes to how the ESA organise and run Subbuteo in England. For this to be possible I need the support of the clubs to move forward. Without this I fear that the ESA will just fall by the wayside and Subbuteo will end up being a small group of enthusiasts meeting up once or twice a year.

“I want to get everyone back playing and enjoying the game. In my eyes it doesn’t matter if people play FISTF, Big ball or just collect teams. We ultimately all get enjoyment out of basically the same game. I want to bring all facets of the game together under the one association. People can then decide on their own level of involvement. This will also help out as each facet could gain from the others.

“For us to survive we all need to communicate more. This is a two way process. I must make sure that the ESA is open and lets people know what’s going on. But I will also need feedback from the clubs. I need to know of events that are happening so I can advertise them and send me reports on events and league meetings so I can publish them. If we work together we can grow together. That will benefit us all.”

You can contact Dave by emailing .

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