New Arsenal 2024/25 kit release date: What we know so far

The new Arsenal 2024/25 kit has not yet been revealed by the club or Adidas but a release date will not be far away. In fact, it could be less than a month before Arsenal actually reveal the shirt based on previous experience with Adidas.

Last year Arsenal launched the Invincibles-inspired home shirt on 26 May. That was several weeks later than some of the club’s biggest rivals. Liverpool, for example, revealed their kit in the first week of May.

The year before that Arsenal launched their 2022/23 kit on 19 May, a week before last year’s kit, while 2021 saw the club wait as late at mid-July to reveal the shirts.

You can order the new Arsenal 2024/25 kit on the Arsenal website.


Adidas are less consistent than Nike in terms of kit launches but with Arsenal set to play Manchester United in the USA on 27 July we can safely assume the kit will be launched before that date with a view to first wearing it in that game (if Arsenal are the designated home team) or when they play Liverpool four days later in Philadelphia.

It is likely the new Arsenal 2024/25 kit will be revealed mid-May and there a few things we already know about the shirt before the club officially gives us a first look.

Arsenal will continue their partnership with Adidas and that means the shirt will feature the brand’s iconic three stripes, most likely down the sleeves of the new kit. It will also feature sponsor Emirates and the ‘Fly Better’ logo on the front.

Rwanda will continue to be the sleeve sponsor of the new shirt and recent leaks confirm the kit will feature traditional Arsenal red. However, it will also feature white highlights and some form of dark blue down the sides – a break from the traditional red and white Arsenal shirt most commonly worn by the club.

It is not a complete departure from the norm for the club. Woolwich Arsenal wore blue shorts with a red shirt way back in 1893 and dark blue socks returned to the kit in the 1930s. Thin dark blue lines appeared on the kit around 1998-2000 on the famous ‘Dreamcast’ shirts and most recently the 2021/22 shirt had dark blue Adidas stripes and sock hoops.

The new 2024/25 kit may have the most dark blue on the shirt of any Arsenal kit in history and it will replace the gold highlights on the current shirt.

Arsenal will be hoping to avoid controversy over the kit launch this year. The club was forced to pull shirt sales and replace shirts because of an error in the detail celebrating the club’s famous Invincibles from 2003.

To celebrate going an entire Premier League season unbeaten with legendary players including Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, the club emblazoned a pattern of 38 Ws and Ds to signify wins and draws across the season. However, the design only featured 32 results. The ‘Authentic’ shirt, priced at £110, was swiftly recalled.

Arsenal 2024/25 kit prices

Most clubs will release a ‘fan’ shirt and a more ‘authentic’ shirt at a much higher price. The difference is mostly in the quality of material and a couple of design tweaks.

Fans can expect to pay £80 for the standard shirt for an adult size and around £65 for children’s Arsenal shirts. This would match the price of the current kit. This is £5 cheaper than Nike shirts.

The more authentic shirt will cost upwards of £110 if prices follow the same pattern as the current season.

If that is too expensive for you then you can get discounts on the current Arsenal shirt with prices starting from around £50 on the Arsenal website and the Adidas website.

Main pic: Little Savage, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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