New La Leggenda Platinum collection could yet be made available to UK fans

Demand could see the new Subbuteo La Leggenda Platinum Edition made available to fans in the UK and beyond.

The collection launched in August and will include 80 teams in total, based on the best national teams in history.

Produced by Centauria s.r.l. hey are currently only available in Italy as a partwork, including a small magazine with each team.

But the demand for teams elsewhere means that Subbuteo chiefs are now trying to persuade the producers to make the collection available online to anyone in the EU.

A handful of UK collectors have managed to get their hands on a team or two, though it has proved incredibly difficult.

The previous La Leggenda range, made by Fabbri Editori and licensed by Subbuteo, are readily available via UK outlets including Subbuteo World and Mad About Games, as well as eBay.

With confirmation that no new teams are to be released in 2018 in the UK, fans have been eager to get their hands on the Leggenda Platinum teams.

Fingers crossed the Italian producers do make this fantastic collection available to us all!

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