Subbuteo fan is selling astonishing childhood collection that includes Targetman and Snooker

An astonishing Subbuteo collection featuring some of the rarest and most beloved box sets ever produced by the brand is up for sale.

Dave, a collector who amassed a staggering selection of Subbuteo in his childhood, has contacted us because he is looking to sell the collection and it includes some notable rarities that will have Subbuteo collectors salivating.

They include the ultra-rare Targetman box set, a mid-1970s game based on 5-a-side and featuring larger players. The box set was aimed at younger players and was a rival to the likes of Striker and Big League. It was never a best-seller for Subbuteo and as such the box set is extremely rare, fetching £400 in a recent eBay sale.

Other rare boxes include the 5-a-side Subbuteo Express, the rare Subbuteo Snooker game, Cricket, Rugby and Football International Editions.

The collection comes with over 40 teams, although some have been overpainted, and some accessories including Continental and World Cup goals, Training Kit teams, and trophies.

Dave says: “I am looking to sell the collection as one rather than piecemeal, preferably to a private collector.”

Dave is based in Poole, Dorset and is keen to hear from collectors who are interested in getting their hands on the staggering collection of Subbuteo history.

If you are interested please email and we will forward on your details to Dave.

Subbuteo Collection

Rugby International Edition – complete with additional team Blackheath Rovers Ref 008
Cricket Test Match edition – 1 x broken player (base and player still there) otherwise complete
Snooker Express – scoreboard and 1 player missing from box
Targetman – 1 ball missing – otherwise complete
Football Express – complete
Football International Edition – complete with 3 teams (overpainted), floodlights and spare pitch

Football Teams
Plymouth Argyle – Ref 15
Coventry City – Ref 206
Crystal Palace (Red base) – Ref 194
West Ham Utd – Ref 209
Aston Villa (incorrect keeper) – Ref 74
Mansfield Town – Ref 47
Northampton Town – Ref 80
Liverpool – Ref 81
Bradford City – Ref 102
Bournemouth (overpainted) – Ref 14
Walsall (overpainted) – Ref 39
Southampton (Red base) – Ref 09
Arsenal – Ref 16
Celtic 2 nd – Ref 78
Celtic – Ref 25
QPR – Ref 11
Carlisle Utd – Ref 101
Blackpool (orange base) – Ref 13
Crystal Palace – Ref 19
Everton – Ref 119
Newcastle Utd – Ref 8
Liverpool – Ref 41
WBA – Ref 3
Burnley – Ref 170
England – Ref 154
Norwich – Ref 28
Brighton HA – Ref 51
Wolves (overpainted) – Ref 211
Chelsea – Ref 42
Leeds – Ref 207
Man City – Ref 191
Luton Town – Ref 169
Stoke City – Ref 4
Bristol Rovers (overpainted) – Ref 12
Wolves – Ref 208

Blackburn Rovers – Ref 31
Watford (overpainted) – Ref 203
England – Ref C138
England 1997 – Ref 63016
Box of 3 assorted teams – Sky blue shirts/black shorts – blue shirts/yellow shorts – red shirt/red
shorts with 2 vertical white stripes

Fence Surround – Ref C108
Interchangeable Keepers (1 handle and 1 keeper missing) – Ref C133
Training Kit – Ref C125
Throw In Figures (1 missing) – Ref C132
Corner Kickers – Ref 131
Continental Type Goals – Ref C122
Fence Surround Scoreboard – Ref C111
Corner & Halfway Flags – Ref C117
World Cup Goals – Ref C130
European Cup – Ref C118
World Cup – C119
FA Cup – Ref C128
Stadium Scoreboard – Ref C
Match Score Recorder – Ref Set Z
Subbuteo Catalogue 1972 – 1973
Subbuteo World 1979
Subbuteo Fixture List cards x 4 (3 clean 1 written on)
Subbuteo Handbook
Subbuteo team Dugout with 10 figures plus Ken Bailey
Box of assorted goalkeeper and handles (both wire and plastic)

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrell
Stephen is the founder and editor of The Hobby Online and The Hobby by Subbuteo.Online print magazine. He is a giant nerd and specialises in Subbuteo, retro football kits and consumer stories. A journalist and editor of 15 years, he has written about football for some of the UK's biggest publications.

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