Where to buy Adidas Predator 2024 boots in the UK – Black, Red, White and Green

The Adidas Predator was the best football boot in the world in the 1990s. The famous boots featuring a folded tongue were famously worn by superstars of the era including David Beckham.

For years the famous tongue was an iconic feature of the boots until it was quietly phased out in the 2000s, leaving football fans nostalgic for the classic design of the Predator. Sensing an opportunity, Adidas has brought the famous tongued Predator back and revealed them in spectacular fashion when Liverpool FC’s Trent Alexander Arnold appeared – and scored – on a custom white and red pair of new Adidas Predator boots complete with the famous tongue.

But there is just one problem; Adidas simply cannot keep up with demand for new limited edition boots and every time Adidas launches a new colour version they quickly sell out.

Fans yearning for the tongued version of the boots could only get them if they won the refresh lottery on launch day and shelled out for the higher-priced options such at the limited edition ‘cherry red’ boots where just 1,994 pairs were created, to the £300-plus Elite Predator 2024 boots.

Fans are still hoping for a general release of traditional red, black and white Adidas Predator 2024 but if you want to get your hands on one of the available colours immediately it may be tricky (and expensive).

You can see the latest Predator boots on the Adidas website here or read on to find out where to buy out of stock Adidas Predator 24 boots.

Adidas Predator 24

Price: £350+

Where to buy: eBay

Featuring the classic red, black and white colours, the Predator 24 was launched in small numbers on 16 January 2024. At the time Adidas said: “Predator 24 will be worn by some of the best players in the sport, including the likes of Jude Bellingham, Pedri, Alessia Russo, Kaddidiatu Diani, Gabriel Jesus and many more.”

The relaunch of the boot caused quite a stir and the Predator quickly sold out. The tongue was available on the Elite version and prices on resale sites are currently sitting around £350 for a pair.

Adidas Predator 30 Elite FT FG 30th Anniversary

Price: £900+
Where to buy: eBay

The Limited Edition 30th anniversary Elite FT FG Adidas Predators were sold in limited numbers. Only 1,994 were made to mark the 1994 launch of the original Predator and despite a hefty price tag of £300 they were quickly snapped up by fans of the brand.

The 30th anniversary edition are not available for sale in the UK but they are selling for up to £900 on eBay by resellers.

Adidas Predator Elite Tongue FT FG Blackout

Price: £350+

Where to buy: eBay

Launched in February 2024, the Black Pack Editions included three blacked out variations of the Predator boot including an Elite version that includes the tongue. However, the two other versions do not have the classic design feature.

The Boots followed the launch of a White version of the boot and comes with a subtle blue highlight design. They were originally sold for £240 but sold out instantly. While not as limited as the 30th anniversary pair they still fetch over £350 on resale sites.

Is there a green Adidas Predator?

Sort of. On March 5 at 9am Pro Direct Soccer will be selling the garish green Hype Predator boots as spotted on Newcastle United’s Anthony Gordon. However, tongued versions will not be sold

You can buy those here.

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