Euro 2024 Match Attax full prices and pre orders open – and rare Ronaldo card revealed

Topps has officially opened up orders for its Euro 2024 Match Attax cards and the starter sets, boxes and packs come with some eye-watering prices.

There will be 457 cards in the collection with a new ultra-rare Career Celebration card for Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo set to be the most in-demand card from the entire set when the first orders arrive.

A single pack of eight cards is priced at £2.50, making them some of the most expensive tournament cards ever sold in the UK.


Collectors can get a bit more value by ordering the £81 full box, which comes with 36 packets (288 cards) and gives collectors the chance to find the lucky box containing the new Ronaldo card.

As usual there is a starter pack available for £17 and it includes Mega Starter pack including a binder, two packets, checklist and game guide and pitch, as well as three further packets and an online exclusive Kevin De Bruyne Blue Ice Limited Edition card.

A Mega Starter bundle priced at a whopping £90 comes with a Mega Starter Pack, a Full Box of EURO 2024 Match Attax plus an online exclusive Bruno Fernandes Blue Ice Limited Edition card.

The Mega Starter Pack contains 16 EURO 2024 Match Attax cards, 4 Tactic cards plus exclusive Cristiano Ronaldo and Jude Bellingham Limited Editions and a cool Power Limited Edition card. Plus a mega Game Guide, collector binder with covers and an App reward card.

There are also a selection of special Tins with unique cards, as well as a Tin Bundle.

The brand says: “Topps are proud to present the first ever EURO 2024 Match Attax collection – full of exciting subsets and unique cards, this incredible new action-packed collection is full of all the qualifying teams. There are 457 cards to collect across categories including Golden Goalscorer, Centurion, Hero, Ultimate, Graduated Gem, Legends, 100 Club plus more. Look out for Crystal, Emerald and Sapphire parallels, EURO Energy cards, EURO Black Edge cards, EURO Auto and Combo cards, EURO Chrome Shields and the Ultra-Rare Career Celebration card for Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The set is not the only Euro 2024 launch from Topps. The card and sticker expert is set to launch the Euro 2024 stickers set in April in the UK after securing the rights to the tournament. Rivals Panini may still launch a set too as they have the rights to the England team in the run up to the tournament.

You can pre order the new Match Attax Euro 2024 set here.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrell
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