Topps Euro 2024 cards review: Brilliant new sets are a must-have collection

Topps’ Euro 2024 Match Attax cards are here and they arrive weeks before the launch of the highly anticipated Topps Euro 2024 stickers, the first time the brand has had the rights to a tournament sticker book.

Thankfully Topps has been making incredible sports cards for years and that means they can hit the ground running with the latest Euro 2024 Match Attax cards.

First of all let’s get the complaints out of the way. The cards do feature some teams with blank kits. Euro 2024 kits have not yet been announced for many countries and that means England and France players are in stripped-down designs.


There is also the issue of rare and limited cards. Some are only available in the (superb) starter set, while others can only be found in special tins and boxes. That means it will be expensive to complete the collection as you’re more likely to be heading to eBay and swap sites to find some of the rarer cards.

But if you are just a casual collector with a love of nice things then the Topps Euro 2024 Match Attax range is absolutely brilliant and well worth buying. You can get them here on the Topps website and ordering online gets you access to some limited edition cards.

Let’s start from the top. The Topps Euro 2024 cards look wonderful. Each card has a neat colour-coordinated line pattern in national flag colours, team badges, stats, position and player value for the purposes of the card game.

Each team comes with a shiny captain card, hero card and ‘graduated gem’ cards so that even your team pages offer variety when inserted into the binder. And that is another plus. The presentation of the cards, guides, and even checklist for this set is so professionally designed that you can sense the pride Topps designers had when putting this together. This is no half-hearted tournament cash-in – Topps really want this to be a quality product.

The cards look and feel great and even if you’re not looking to fill the binder there are huge number of ways you can display your favourite cards, teams and collections to make picking up a pack worthwhile.

Euro 2024 Match Attax prices

The cards are not cheap. Price is a major issue with Euro 2024 Match Attax but on the flip side you do get a top quality product and a huge amount of special and limited edition cards. Overall there is a good balance between price and what you actually get but if, like me, you are obsessive about completing a collection it is not going to be cheap.

A single pack of eight cards is priced at £2.50. It is one of the more expensive pack of cards you can buy in the world of football card collecting.

You can also pay £81for a full box on the Topps website, which comes with 36 packets (288 cards) and comes with a chance to secure the ultra-rare Ronaldo celebration card that will be the most in-demand rare card in the set.

As usual there is a starter pack available for £17 and it includes Mega Starter pack including a binder, two packets, checklist and game guide and pitch, as well as three further packets and an online exclusive Kevin De Bruyne Blue Ice Limited Edition card.

Mega Starter bundle priced at a whopping £90 comes with a Mega Starter Pack, a Full Box of EURO 2024 Match Attax plus an online exclusive Bruno Fernandes Blue Ice Limited Edition card.

Euro 2024 Match Attax Limited Edition cards

The best thing about the collection is the sheer number of interesting cards you can find. Buying the starter set gets you three stunning limited edition cards; Euro Elite Cristiano Ronaldo, Wonderkid Jude Bellingham and a Power Limited Edition Card. These are beautiful, colour-infused shiny cards with gold lettering and look fantastic in a display.

You can also find nine Chrome Shield cards – shaped like a shield – and we managed to bag a Dani Olmo shield card.

There are 11 Golden Goalscorer cards, 11 Centurion cards, 18 Legend Signature Style (including the likes of Zidane, Bergkamp, Shearer, Rooney and Buffon) and 11 Ultimate XI cards featuring a dream team from the Euro tournament.

After that you get pack-specific rare cards including 16 Euro Masters from Eco Packs and Mega Multipacks, four Blue Ice Limited Edition cards at, nine Ultimate Stage Limited Editions in Booster Tins, 12 Classic Celebrations cards in Mega Tins, and five sought-after Hundred Club cards in retailer exclusive mega multipacks.

Finally, you have the rarest card in the set. That is the Career Celebration card featuring Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous Siu celebration and is available in display box packets only. It is selling for up to £150 on eBay already and is the holy grail card of this set.

Keep an eye out for nine beautiful Black Edge cards – we got an Ivan Perisic in attractive matte finish with gold lettering.

The attention to detail on all special editions is exactly what you would expect from Topps. There are little patterns, details and designs that leap out as you glance at the card at different angles and in different light.

Topps Euro 2024 Match Attax TLDR Review

The Euro 2024 cards look fantastic and there are enough limited edition cards to keep you hunting long into the tournament. The rarest card, the Ronaldo Siu, is a surefire winner when it comes to collecting and the whole range is well thought out and well put together.

It is expensive and that may put some people off but these are some of the best tournament cards ever produced and come with a big thumbs up from The Hobby Online.

Stephen Hurrell
Stephen Hurrell
Stephen is the founder and editor of The Hobby Online and The Hobby by Subbuteo.Online print magazine. He is a giant nerd and specialises in Subbuteo, retro football kits and consumer stories. A journalist and editor of 15 years, he has written about football for some of the UK's biggest publications.

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